2021 Seoul Lantern Festival

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Experience Kit

The application period for Experience Kit is currently open. (Limited to 100 lucky people per kit)

Application period
Nov. 22 (Mon) – Nov. 25 (Thu), 2021
Winner Announcements
Nov. 26 (Fri), 2021
  • ※ This kit is provided via free delivery.
  • Duplicate winners are not allowed for various types of kits.
  • ※ For inquiries on how to apply for a kit online, please contact us via the following email address email address : stolantern@gmail.com
* 필수입력
Experience Kit * ※ Duplicate winners are not allowed for various types of kits.
Name *
Mobile phone * ※ Mobile phone numbers are used to confirm the current state of applications, as well as inform selected winners and send the experience kit.. Please provide your mobile phone number currently in use.
Country *
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Address 01*
Address 02* ※ As the experience kit will be sent to the address provided, be sure to enter your address accurately.
Email * ※ An email will be sent to inform you of the completed experience kit application.
Facebook ※ You must provide at least one social media account, be it Instagram or Facebook ※ Accounts not following at least one of the official social media pages of the 2021 Seoul Lantern Festival will be excluded from the winner selection process.
Personal Information Collection·Use Consent Form

1. Name of organization collecting/using information
M11 Communication Co. Ltd.
(Management agency of 2021 Seoul Lantern Festival designated by Seoul Tourism Organization)

2. Range of information collection and purpose of use.
- Range of information collection/use
Name / Phone No. / Address / Email / Personal social media information
- Purpose of use
Operating experience kits for 2021 Seoul Lantern Festival

3. Retention Period
Within 3 months from the date of the agreement

4. Right to refuse the consent
- You may refuse to consent on the collection of personal information. Please understand that if you disagree, the application for experience kits will be canceled.
- Collected information will only be used to apply for experience kits for the 2021 Seoul Lantern Festival.

The lantern experience kit event is geared toward followers of the official social media page of the 2021 Seoul Lantern Festival.

(※ To be authenticated as a follower, you must have either a Facebook or Instagram account)